Why Give Scented Soy Candles This Christmas?

If you are stuck wondering what to get a close friend or family member for Christmas this year then we may be able to help, scented soy candles by Sentelle aren’t like normal candles and therefore make a wonderful unique gift that the receiver will adore.
The best thing about giving luxury soy candles as a Christmas gift is that they ooze of high quality, unlike paraffin candles where the scent is lost within a few hours our scented soy candles have a scent throughout the whole candle that will fill the room with a gorgeous scent that will last. The receiver will love your Christmas gift for months to come because their room and home will smell of the exquisite scent you chose for them.
Scented soy candles also last double the amount of time that regular candles last so not only are you giving a soy candle as a Christmas gift that smells incredible for longer but it also burns for longer too, creating the ultimate cosiness every home needs at Christmas and beyond.
It can sometimes be tough to purchase a gift for a close friend or family member that loves the environment but if you purchase them a luxury scented soy candle you are sure to please as soy candles are made from hydrogenated soy bean oil which is extracted from soya beans and is therefore a natural, renewable and biodegradable source. The receiver of a soy candle this Christmas will be so impressed with the thought you have put in to supporting their passions for the environment.
Many people don’t realise that soy candles actually make the best carriers for essential oils and are therefore the best aromatherapy candle available on the market. If you have a friend or family member that is into aromatherapy then this could be the perfect gift for them and they will really appreciate the extra thought you have put in to create a perfect Christmas gift that is ideal for them.
A candle is a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone that likes the look, feel and scent of a cosy home but a scented soy candle as a Christmas gift is one step better – showing you have taken time and care to choose a Christmas gift that is perfect for the receiver.
To buy exquisitely scented, clean burning, long lasting soy candles please go to www.sentelle.co.uk/soy-candles.asp 

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