Soy Wax Candles – Pampering With Consciousness

This blog is about pampering with consciousness we all choose to pamper ourselves in different ways maybe we go for a facial or a manicure and pedicure or a spa day and have all the works done. Candle lovers typically choose to have a long soak in their favourite bubble bath scent with scented or aromatherapy candles lit all around the bath and their favourite music in the background or curled up in their favourite chair with the room lit only with candles and music in the background.


Now that is a beautiful picture – – but the picture would even be better if you know the candles used are made from a natural, sustainable and renewable source, so you know your pamper day or night is not harming the environment.


Introducing soy wax candles!

Soy wax candles are made from hydrogenated soy bean oil and are the perfect solution for environmentally conscious candle lovers who want to enjoy their natural candles as well as knowing the candle base was made from a natural and renewable source.


Now people that want to have clean air in their homes don’t have to put away their candles, this is because soy candles do not produce toxins or soot.


With the emergence of soy candles loving candles and being conscious of the good of the environment are no longer mutually exclusive.


80% of the candles sold in the UK are sourced from the easily, commonly and cheaper to find paraffin.


But paraffin is one of the by products in the distillation process of petrol. As a result, when you burn your paraffin based candle you are essentially burning petrol, petrol is an un-renewable resource.


As well as being derived from petrol, the paraffin based candles when lit produces 11 toxins 2 of which are carcinogenic.


Hope is not lost, you don’t have to buy what is easily available the discerning candle lover can now enjoy their candle with the added knowledge that you are not harming the environment and at the same time have clean air in your home and this can happen if you switch to candles sourced from soya beans.


All natural soy wax candles do not produce any toxins. They are manufactured from a natural and renewable source and are environmentally friendly.


Now the candle lover can have it all, the atmospheric and sensual benefits of candles plus a natural environmentally friendly base.


Pampering with consciousness



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