Seven Wonders of Soy Wax Candles Part 1

In this blog we would talk about four of the seven wonders of soy candles and explain how a simple little luxury of burning soy candles can enhance your life.

Scented candles are an essential for your home.  The softness of candlelight aids relaxation and romance and a delicate fragrance completes the recipe for sensual pleasure. There are different ways we can enjoy our candle, but did you know that swapping your usual candles for soy wax candles could bring added benefits?  Here are seven ways that soy wax candles can bring you joy:

         A relaxing soak

Immerse yourself in a deep bath drizzled with your favourite bubble bath or bath oil.  Surround the bath with aromatherapy soy candles and enjoy an indulgent 45-minute soak.  Soy candles are clean burning so they won’t leave sooty marks on your bathtub.  And the slow release fragrance means you’ll never smell burning, just a wonderful, subtle scent.

         Time to chill

After a long, hard day, put on your favourite tunes, switch off harsh lights, lie back on the couch and surround your living room with your favourite scented soy candles.  Keep distractions such as TV and phones turned off and lose yourself in music and fragrance for one perfect hour.  Soy candles last 50% longer than paraffin candles so you can rest assured they’ll keep on burning.

       Bedroom bliss

If you’re enjoying an early night, or a little romance, candlelight is the best way to create a sensual atmosphere in your bedroom.  Light a few essential oil soy candles with your favourite scent and enjoy.  You don’t have to worry about wax spills on your bedroom carpet – unlike paraffin wax candles, soy wax candles are water-soluble so you can clean stains with soap and water.

       Dinner party ambience

If you’re having a dinner party, light gourmet soy candles one hour before guests arrive to fill your home with a warm, welcoming scent.  In the dining room, opt for a subtle fragrance that complements the food you are serving.  An exotic dish may call for a fruity-floral, while a Chinese dish may suit a musky scent.  Remember to blow out scented candles before serving food.

To enjoy the atmospheric and sensual benefits of candles without negative effects, use candles made from soy. 

There are many benefits of soy candles:  They are clean burning, so they don’t produce soot; they have a pure fragrance, which is slowly released without losing intensity; they are made from a natural, renewable source – soybean oil; and they don’t produce toxins or carcinogens, so you can breathe the air safely.

And here is our hot tip:

With soy candles, as with all of the finer things in life, quality and performance go hand in hand.  So choose100% soy wax candles made from high quality soya beans.  Sentelle scented soy candles are a fine example.  They come in beautiful packaging, making them a lovely gift or treat.  They are available in a variety of colours and fragrances and can be purchased at

soy candles by sentelle in beautiful glass jars

soy candles by sentelle

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