Living a Life of Freedom

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

                                                                                Joseph Campbell

This quote by Joseph Campbell echoes the popular saying that “the thing you want is outside your comfort zone”

In short living a life of freedom is outside your comfort zone and can only be attained by facing the fear and moving forward in spite of the fear.

In this blog we would explore what fear is and how to deal with it and what faith is , and grow our faith to live the life we want .

Fear is one of the strongest motivators; it can push us into wrong actions or freeze us into inaction.

Fear can have a powerful effect on our thinking, decisions and actions.

Fear is a natural emotion every one deals with multiple times in their life.

A healthy fear can keep us from harm. But too often fear keeps us from doing what we want –or need –to do.

We have a choice on how we are going to deal with that fear.

Most of us have heard the acronym for fear

 F = false E= evidence A = appearing R=real.

We have to think of this acronym, whenever we are feeling the fear of going forward to accomplish something we desire: because we have the ability to accomplish anything we want in our lives.

Most negative emotions can be converted into something positive to help us get further in life.

We can actually take our feelings of fear and use them to help us go forward.

When fear shows up instead of letting it take over our lives we can convert it to an emotion called faith.

On the opposite end of the emotion of fear is the emotion of faith . . . so we can turn our fear into faith.

Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

I was once told a story that illustrates the topic of this blog.

A young lady had a lovely voice but had a fear of singing in public, she was asked to sing in the school choir but she repeatedly refused, after a few talks with the choir director she eventually joined and she excelled , just as the choir director knew she would .

Her next challenge was a regional competition for the school choirs in that region to which her school was invited to compete.

Her choir director wanted her to sing two solo songs and one duet, she did not want to let the choir director and the choir down and she liked the idea of singing solo and singing a duet but she was afraid and so she refused.

She could manage to sing in the choir hidden amongst the many choir members but she could not come out in front and sing with the choir backing her.

Her choir director tried to hide her disappointment and told her that her declarations can either build faith or invite fear.

She told her to repeat declarations at least 3 times a day for 21 days saying declarations such as

I will not bow down to fear.

I will not let fear stop me from living a large life.

I daily step out of my comfort zone so that I can live a large life.

The choir director asked her to come back after 21 days and whatever her answer is regarding the regional competition the choir director would accept.

After 21 days the young lady returned and told the choir director she would sing the solo and duet, the choir director smiled and told her to continue with the declarations for the 9 months until the regional choir competition and beyond as fear does not go you have to keep confronting it.

At the competition a well known artist manager was one of the Judges, he was also looking out for new talent and he thought he might find the person at the competition.

He was impressed with the young lady and decided to sign her up.

He first created online social media platforms for her and managed and monitored them so as to increase her online presence and attract new fans.

Her fan base and public exposure was constantly increasing.

As at the time I was told the story he had discovered a band looking for new talent and she had joined the band as the lead singer.

Now her life has taken a new direction and she is living a large life beyond her imagination and enjoying every second and there is more to come.

Unfortunately fear can never be eliminated from our lives but it can be conquered by you confronting it at every step.

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