Harvest The Good

Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

                                                                      Napoleon Hill

This quote from Napoleon Hill the author of the classic book Think and Grow Rich is firmly based on the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity

This law states that everything has an opposite.

There is an opposition in all things.

We appreciate light in the darkness , joy in the sorrow , and companionship in solitude , solid –liquid , hot-cold , up-down , sad-glad , good-bad , outside-inside .

You can’t have up without down, left without right.

Likewise you can’t have a question without an answer existing somewhere in the universe.

You can’t have a burning desire for something without a way to achieve it.

When we make a decision to live by the law of polarity and to always view all circumstances, conditions and situations with the law of polarity at the fore front of our mind then when adversity, failure, heartbreak or any circumstance, condition or situation that is not our preference appears in our life we immediately start to look for the seed of equal or greater benefit.

Like most habits . . . and that is what it is . . . it is the habit of looking at any event  that takes place in your life that is not your preference with the thought that says “there must be something good in this situation . . .  I am going to calm down and look for the good”

This is a habit that would take time to take root . . . we would start by reacting like we used to do and then after some weeks we would remember that we should look for the good . . .  this would gradually become days then hours and then one day you would realise that what you used to allow to bother you , does not bother you any more . . . immediately a situation you don’t prefer appears in your life you say to yourself “ it is what it is . . . I am going to look for the good “

Let us go back to the word allow . . . we are the ones that allow circumstances to bother us . . . circumstances are neither positive nor negative it is our thinking that makes it positive or negative.

Some time ago I heard a story that illustrates the idea I am trying to convey.

The woman in the story came home and her husband told her he had lost his job.

She immediately went into panic mode, this situation was especially worse because her husband was the sole bread winner she was studying and looking after the children.

Fortunately a week before this happened she had gone to a seminar in which the speaker had said something similar to the idea I am trying to convey . . .  that is . . .  there is good in every situation.

She therefore did not react like she normally would have and instead she and her husband put their thinking cap on.

They then realised that this was an opportunity for her husband to find a job closer to home . . .  the old job was a long commute that he did not like.

 He decided he would like a job close to home so that he can cycle to work . . .  and he also thought that he would like a job close to home and better pay.

Because these positive thoughts were the dominating thoughts on their minds and they did not allow thoughts of panic to rule them . . .  that is exactly what they attracted . . . we attract our dominating thoughts good or bad. . .  I would write about the law of attraction in another blog.

The next day he came back home and told his wife he had found a job that was near home and he could cycle to work and it was more pay.

Wow!  That is a nice success story

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