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Welcome to SENTELLE
  - a London-based lifestyle company selling unique soy wax pillar candles, soy wax jar candles, soy wax candle gift baskets, and soy skincare.

Our soy wax candles are a healthier, more environmentally friendly and cleaner alternative to traditional paraffin candles. If you have never considered the damaging effects of conventional candles, click here to find out more.

Why sentelle should be your first stop for soy wax candles?

  • I am often asked if I make my soy candles and I sometimes see the face of the person who asked drop when I say no, but even though I am not in my little kitchen lovingly making soy candles, a lot of love and care is involved in the development and creation of soy candles by Sentelle. Read more
  • Following on from the previous blog, read about how my chosen jars, fragrance oils and essential oils are combined with 100% soy wax to create soy candles by Sentelle. Read more

Why have Soy Candles by Sentelle in your home?

  • They are clean-burning and do not produce soot that stains walls and harms lungs
  • They are toxin-free and non-carcinogenic
  • Our soy wax candles have very good fragrance absorption, and both the candles and room smells great
  • The zero fragrance loss throughout the life of the candle means the candle smells as great at the bottom as it did at the top of the candle
  • They are eco-friendly: Made from a sustainable resource & biodegradable
  • They last 50% longer than conventional candles
  • They are sourced from high quality soya beans

What makes Soy Candles by Sentelle special?

Sentelle Soy Candles
Our soy candles are made from quality soy beans
  • They are value for money: the strong and long lasting scents and the wonderful scent throw means your whole room is fragranced and you continue to enjoy your candle for a long time.
  • They are made from 100% soy wax and quality soya beans which means you have all the benefits of soy candles.
  • Aromatherapy candles - with pure, high quality essential oil with excellent therapeutic effects
  • They are infused with pure high quality fragrances or pure unadulterated essential oils, giving you maximum healing therapy and wonderful ambience with your candle.
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