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Wholesale Orders - Candle fragrances & scents

Fragrances & Essential oils available for wholesale orders for soy candles in 5oz Acorn jars and 14 oz soy pillars.


This is the strong, sweet and nutty scent of the pure almond extract. In its essence it is calming and comforting with a soothing satin-like aroma. A smooth top note of cherry very gently complements it. Having this candle burning will make you feel safe and at peace.

Amber Musk

This is a warming and mystifying blend. It combines exotic top notes of amber with a rich base of musk that fills the room and lingers long. Having this candle burning creates an elevating euphoric feeling, which opens the heart and de-stresses the mind. The scent is also sensually stimulating and perfect if you practice meditation.

Angel Type

This is a candle to put you in a romantic mood. Its fragrant nature combines the essence of honey, chocolate and caramel. On their rich bed scents of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli are blended up while fruity notes of fresh citrus; melon, peach and plum add a refreshing top layer to this feminine perfume. Having this candle burning is like spraying the room with “Angel” by Thierry Mugler.

Autumn Spice

This candle is designed to bring you the rich smells and warm colours of the glorious Autumn. Light the wick to release a strong and snappy apple scent with lots and lots of spicy cinnamon. The aroma will then slowly bring you a reminiscence of autumn harvest celebrations and nights of story-telling in front of the open fire. It will warm your home and your heart.

Butt Naked

This is a most entertaining fragrance made from a blend of fresh cocoa butter and ripe tropical fruits. Its sweet irresistible richness brings sun and fun to mind. Having this candle burning is like experiencing a tropical paradise in your home.

Buttercream Type

This is a very rich, buttery vanilla scent. Just like butter cream frosting on a cake! Yummy, irresistibly delicious, very smooth! Having this candle burning is the best kind of zero-calorie temptation for those of you with sweet tooth. Some say that this perfume is as close as it gets to the butter cream scent of Yankee candles. In our own words though – this is the best scent when you are in need of little sugar fix or some comfort food.

Citrus Basil

This is a zesty and clean fragrance perfect for citrus scent lovers. Imagine a bowl in the middle of your kitchen table with your favourite citrus fruits grapefruit being the most obvious scent you’ll also smell a hint of pineapple and pears rounded up with the scent of the earthy dew covered basil kissed by a hint of sun and citrus.

Creamy Vanilla

This is the mouth watering fragrance of the ripe vanilla bean A warm and sweet aroma which is very pleasing.

English Ivy

This warm green scent is a clean, vibrant, embracing and floral blend. When you light the English Ivy in your house you’ll think you are strolling through an English Garden with the smell of warm green ivy around you.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint

This is a combination of the cool and soothing scent of the eucalyptus plant with the refreshing aroma of mint leaves and an added slightly fruity tone. Known to help relieve the symptoms of respiratory conditions, the eucalyptus provides a pleasant and clean sensation on which the freshness of the mint builds up as the candle slowly melts.


This is a scent that truly intoxicates the senses. Light this candle up and you will be walking in virtual fields of beautiful and delicate freesias. At the start of this fragrance road you are welcomed with the top notes of complementing rose, lily and jasmine while further down awaits a secret heart of carnations, iris, violets and soothing lavender.

Green Tea & Jasmine

Take yourself on an exotic journey of the senses. This fragrance is the rejuvenating aroma of the sweet fragrant green tea combined with the wonderfully romantic jasmine this heady bouquet will soothe calm and refresh you.


This is an intoxicating and alluring scent. The base of its perfume is rich and has an oriental flair – it awakes the senses, sensually stimulates and reduces stress. Light this candle up to infuse your day and evenings with mystery and glamour.

Juniper Breeze

This is a smooth and exceptionally pleasant blend of juniper greens and wild berries. Together they provide a cool, clean and invigorating scent. Having this candle burning is like being on a high mountaintop where the air is fresh and carries with it the scent of wild flowers and green trees.

Lemongrass & Sage

This is a blend of the sweetly scented lemongrass complemented with a bunch of freshly picked herbs of which the smell of the sage is the strongest. A stimulating aroma, it is best used as a stress relief as well as to invigorate and refresh the senses. Its herbal undertones spring to life as the candle slowly melts.

Lemon Verbena

This is a soothing and yet invigorating scent for the senses. Introduced to England in the 18th century, they say that the verbena flower helps relaxation and encourages optimism.

Lily of the valley

Invite spring all year into your house with the lily of the valley fragrance. This English wildflower lends the woods a sweet, magical fragrance with the distinctive classic scent of delicate lily of the valley blooms dancing in the wind.

Mango Papaya

This is the sweet tropical island scent of mango and papaya. It is a fresh and energising blend of the juicy mango smell with its hint of pineapple and the musky undertones of the soft, butter-like papaya. Having this candle burning is like sitting in the middle of a papaya plantation in Hawaii.

Raspberry Patchouli

This is an inspired sweetly fresh smell of sun ripened raspberries with the rich, earthy and woody aroma of patchouli. Together they blend to create a sensual scent that lingers long as the candle slowly melts.

Red Door Type

This is an elegant sensuous scent that fills the senses. It starts with being floral, fruity and sweet. Then it builds up and slowly reveals its middle notes of captivating flowers - oriental orchids, jasmine, lily of the valley, Moroccan orange flowers, forest lilies, freesia, carnations and a touch of wild violets. The top notes of oak moss, sandalwood, vetiver and then a gentle hint of honey and lingering musk, complement this beautiful bouquet. The resulting luxurious and romantic fragrance reminds you of Elizabeth Arden’s perfume “Red Door”, hence the name we have chosen for it. Having this candle burning is like opening a secret door to the world of scents.

Sweet Pea

Light notes of orange blossom and a heart of deep suggestive hyacinth combine in this candle’s composition. The result is a delicately sensual scent, which, as it builds up, reveals a hint of rose. A pure combination of truly fragrant flowers!

Southern Charm

The beauty and splendour of the Southern states of America come to life with this tantalizing and romantic fragrance. Created through the combination of four Southern floral scents, it is also very feminine. Having this candle burning is like sitting on your very own white porch overhung with flowers in bloom from this part of the world.


This is the comforting, creamy scent of the pure vanilla. It is simple and smooth, just like the natural bean. The aroma of unadulterated, plain vanilla is often associated with warmth and caring, and having this candle burning is like lifting the lid off a soothing no-stress world.

Victorian Rose

This is a delicate and feminine fragrance that softens your moods and clears up your perceptions. It is also nice and mellow, never dramatic, nor overpowering. Light this candle up to inspire your daydreams on a week-end of relaxation.

Wild Fig & Melon

This is the comforting scent of fresh, juicy melon sweetened by a touch of rich, ripe late season fig with warm autumn notes.

White Gardenia

This scent is a beautiful floral with a lively lift, it is a soft yet strong true white gardenia aroma. Light this candle when you want a soft, sweet, feminine and romantic fragrance.

White Tea and Ginger

This is an Oriental scent which is a blend of citrus notes, exotic spices and beautiful jasmine. Soft tea notes round out this fragrance.


This lovely candle is best enjoyed at your dining table when you want the ambience a candle creates but not the fragrance of a scented candle.

Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella has a slightly, sweet and lemony aroma. Citronella has a clearing and uplifting effect on the mind which could help ease feelings of depression.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has a sweet, floral, herbaceous light and clear aroma. Lavender is believed to increase alpha waves in the back of the head which are associated with relaxation. Lavenders’ principal properties are as an antidepressant, deodorant and tonic, it is well known for its balancing and calming properties, Lavenders’ soothing and calming effect on the nerves relieves tension, depression, panic , hysteria and nervous exhaustion in general it is effective for headaches , migraines and insomnia.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass has a strong, sweet, lemony, sherbet-like, grassy and citrus aroma. Lemongrass principal properties are that of stimulating, reviving, energising, antidepressant and tonic. Lemongrass is useful in states of exhaustion as it lifts the spirits and get things moving again.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli has a strong, earthy , sensuous and exotic aroma yet it is sweet and spicy too. Patchouli promotes grounding and balancing effect, it seems to banish lethargy and sharpen the wits, thereby clarifying problems and making the mind more objective.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang has an intensely sweet, floral, exotic, heady and heavy aroma with a slightly spicy overtone. Ylang Ylang principal properties include aphrodisiac, antidepressant, euphoric and nervous sedative. Ylang Ylang is believed to be excellent for excitable conditions by regulating adrenaline flow and relaxing the nervous system resulting in a feeling of joy. It soothes and uplifts and has a regulating effect on nervous conditions, temper depression, fear, anger and jealousy. It is also known to ease feelings of anxiety, shock and panic.


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