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Wedding Favours - Personalised Soy candles by Sentelle

Your Guests have chosen to enjoy your special day with you why donít you show your appreciation by giving them a gift - not any gift but exquisitely scented 100% soy candles packaged in a gorgeous honey combed jar.

  • You can use the same personalised message James and Jennifer used or create your own.
  • You can scent your candles with the same red door type fragrance James and Jennifer used or choose from the exquisite scents by Sentelle - click here for a list of fragrances and scent descriptions; we would also source the fragrance you want if we donít sell it.
  • You can use more than one fragrance for your personalised wedding favour order for example for 60 candles you can have 30 Red Door type fragrance and 30 Green Tea & Jasmine fragrance.
  • You can choose any colour you want for your candles (tip) it is better to match the candle colour with the fragrance you want.

The minimum quantity of candles to be ordered is 60 candles this is priced at £15.00 per candle. Price reduces the more candles you purchase.

You would need to place your order and pay the total price 8 weeks before delivery.

Chris & Charlotte's Southern Charm
personalised wedding favour candle

Kevin & Kate's Amber Musk
personalised wedding favour candle

Start your creative journey by completing the form below, we would tell you how you can receive a 10% discount.

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