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Soy candles: the Sentelle way! ... towards healthy and stylish living

Soy Candles the Sentelle way - book cover

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This book reveals the benefits, to the home environment, of burning soy candles. However, becoming aware of the pollution free, healthier, longer lasting and easier to manage soy candles is not the only advantage of reading this book. It gives detailed descriptions of the different furniture items and room accessories needed to create the 10 most popular home interiors of today.

The book also gives suggestions on how the beautifully fragranced soy candles by Sentelle can be matched with the various interior design types, and offers readers of the book many definitive ways of achieving the style and ambience of their dream home. Throughout the book the readers are reminded why soy candles are a healthier, more sustainable and environmentally friendly option than other candles.

Soy candles: the Sentelle way also describes some key essential oils. It is only when these are burned as soy wax-based aromatherapy candle that the optimum benefits of the essential oil will be reaped.

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