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Lavender Essential Oil 8oz (224g) Olympus Jar Soy Candle


8oz (224g) high quality soy wax colourless and infused with pure, unadulterated lavender essential oil. It is hand poured in a conical jar. Lavender has a sweet, floral, herbaceous, light and clear aroma. Lavender is believed to increase alpha waves in the back of the head associated with relaxation. Lavenders' principal properties are as an antidepressant, deodorant and tonic , it is also well known for its balancing and calming properties. Lavenders' soothing and calming effect on nerves relieves tension , depression, panic, hysteria and nervous exhaustion in general it is effective for headaches , migraines and insomnia. Burning time is 72 hours with guaranteed therapeutic effects.
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Price: 27.30
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Sentelle Soy Candle Benefits

  • No more stains on walls and home interiors
  • Clean air in your home
  • Scents that give a wonderful calming ambiance for relaxation
  • Clean scent
  • No more scalding after accidental spillage
  • Adds to "green" credentials
  • No more headaches


"I have just had my stone cottage re-decorated and my builder told me the walls were coated with a waxy substance and the paintwork was black with smoke. Yes - Yankee Candle damage. I was horrified and he told me if I wanted to burn fragrant candles I should use Soy candles. I'm burning Sentelle's Vanilla at the moment and I am very happy with it. The packaging and presentation is excellent and I am happy knowing my freshly painted cottage won't get stained." Carole Nevitt, Dorset

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