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Citrus Basil 14oz Pillar Soy Candle Discounts Apply !
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Citrus Basil 14oz Pillar Soy Candle
A 14oz solid 100% soy pillar in a pale mustard colour fragranced with the pure citrus basil scent. It is 3” wide by 3” tall.

A must try!

This is a zesty and clean fragrance perfect for citrus scent lovers. Imagine a bowl in the middle of your kitchen table with your favourite citrus fruits grapefruit being the most obvious scent you’ll also smell a hint of pineapple and pears rounded up with the scent of the earthy dew covered basil kissed by a hint of sun and citrus.

This lovely candle is best enjoyed in your lounge or kitchen.

Burning time is 85 hours with a guaranteed strong consistent scent which fills the room.

This 100% soy pillar is also available for wholesale please contact us for wholesale prices.
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Price: 16.80
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