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Lemongrass and Sage 14oz Pillar Soy Candle Discounts Apply !
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Lemongrass and Sage 14oz Pillar Soy Candle
A 14oz solid 100% soy pillar in a pale yellow-green colour fragranced with the pure lemongrass & sage scent. It is 3” wide by 3” tall.

This is a blend of the sweetly scented lemongrass complemented with a bunch of freshly picked herbs of which the smell of the sage is the strongest. A stimulating aroma, it is best used as a stress relief as well as to invigorate and refresh the senses. Its herbal undertones spring to life as the candle slowly melts.

This is the ideal fragrance for your lounge or for your bathroom.

Burning time is 85 hours with a guaranteed strong consistent scent which fills the room.

This 100% soy pillar is also available for wholesale please contact us for wholesale prices.
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