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I have just had my stone cottage re-decorated and my builder told me the walls were coated with a waxy substance and the paintwork was black with smoke. Yes - Yankee Candle damage. I was horrified and he told me if I wanted to burn fragrant candles I should use Soy candles. I'm burning Sentelle's Vanilla at the moment and I am very happy with it. The packaging and presentation is excellent and I am happy knowing my freshly painted cottage won't get stained.

Carole Nevitt, Dorset

Thanks for such amazingly quick service - the candles arrived the morning after I ordered them. I'm very impressed with the scent. Have been burning them every day and they're still as strong and gorgeous smelling!

Mary Skinner, Ross-Shire

The fact that it is toxin free is news to my ear because I light candles every night and there is no point giving up smoking when I spend my evening breathing the 11 toxins from paraffin 2 of which are carcinogenic.

Customer T Mill Hill London

I would rather buy a toxin free candle, I didn't know paraffin released 11 toxins 2 of which are carcinogenic, we spend a lot of relaxing, romantic evenings and unknown to us we have been breathing in toxins!

Customer F Swiss Cottage London

I only buy products that are environmentally friendly, and I like candles, so finally getting a candle that is produced from a renewable source is music to my ears, you can count on my friends and I being your loyal customers.

Customer H Primrose Hill London

I am happy that there is an alternative to paraffin candles with better fragrance absorption which means the fragrance lasts throughout the life of the candle. I buy some great fragrances in paraffin but most last for only one hour, so in the end I was put off because I thought the reason I buy scented candles is to enjoy the scent so if the candle burns for 50 hours I want the fragrance for 50 hours!

Customer R West Hampstead London

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