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The 3 steps recommended to acheive the look of a well taken care of skin that glows, are: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise.


A Pore Cleanser

A cleanser that has been properly formulated opens the pores and removes all the dirt that has been attracted to the skin, from streets, work place and so on.

A Facial Toner

A toner that has been properly formulated removes the remaining dirt, the cleanser and closes back the pores.

It is always essential to use a toner after a cleanser as a properly formulated cleanser works by opening the pores to remove dirt, but if the pores are not closed back you go out with your pores open and more dirt gains an easy entry into your skin.

It is also not advised to use a toner that contains alcohol, as alcohol in a toner works against the natural skin system. Alcohol works by stripping the skin of oil; effective but harsh. When the alcohol strips the skin of oil, the skin responds by producing even more oil, this oil attracts even more dirt, you use your "alcoholic toner" to get rid of the dirt. The"alcoholic toner" strips more oil, the skin produces more oil, which attracts more dirt... and the vicious circle continues.

It is better to use a non-alcoholic properly formulated toner with natural astringents.

A Moisturiser

A moisturiser that has been properly formulated contains humectants which attract moisture, and moisturizers which seal in moisture.

It is not necessary to use all the products for your 3 steps from one brand, although this is good as you get a synergistic effect. What is important is that all three steps should be followed.

It may sound like a procedure that would take up your precious time in the morning, but with practise the 3 step routine takes under 60 secs every morning, and gives lasting results.

Whilst in the bathroom, dirt can be washed from your face by using a face wash or a gentle non-abrasive face scrub.

A face mask should also be used once a week, this removes even more dirt and tightens the pores.

It has been said that "in your 20's you have the face God gave you, but in your 40's you have the face you deserve".

It is never too early to work on your face, nor too late to repair the effects of ignoring your face.

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