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Sentelle was born out of the passion of the founder Funmi Ogboye who has spent over 10 years in the research and development departments of top companies in the cosmetic industry, working with skin care, colour cosmetics and fragrances.

Funmi turned her love for candles into a business, but most importantly focusing in areas with the qualities she wanted in the business: one where varieties / choices are not limited to a few candle scents, one where the candle performs excellently without compromising values and because of her love for stylish packaging, all Sentelle soy candles come in packaging you?ll want to keep long after the soy candle is finished.

The first supplier Funmi met only manufactured soy candles. Funmi explains that by the end of the conversation in which the supplier had explained some of the benefits of soy wax candles and the unknown harm from petroleum wax candles she knew Sentelle was going to sell only soy candles and 100% soy wax at that not a blend.

At that time soy wax candles was still very new in the UK, so Funmi was going to have both a new business and new type of candles that she would need to educate candle lovers on - but she knew she couldn?t sell petroleum wax candles with a guilt free conscience knowing what she did, so the decision was made.

The business name Sentelle came about as a result of Funmi learning the French language on and off and also working for a company with majority French speaking colleagues.

Funmi put two words together ?scent? as in the scent of a flower, and ?elle? the word used in French for a feminine verb (for example ?elle a? meaning she has or ?elle est? meaning she is). She took away the ?c? and came up with Sentelle; Funmi pronounces it the French way by pronouncing the ?e? in Sent with a slight ?o? and the word sounds ?Soentelle?.

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    ?Let Sentelle awaken your smell and feel senses?

Sentelles raison d??tre is to make available high quality products and services that are in harmony with the environment and nature.

When Funmi is not sourcing and promoting Sentelles? products, she enjoys travelling, learning new languages, and going out with her friends.

Funmi?s most memorable holiday to date was when she went to Kenya and visited the Masai Mara, where she saw all the beautiful animals and also met the Masai?s.

Funmi invites candle lovers to engulf themselves in the divine scents and aromatherapy candles from Sentelle.

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